Carriage Hills North is a neighborhood located in Washington Township, Michigan. The homeowners' association welcomes you to our community via this web site. This site serves as the a central location for information and resources for those in our neighborhood. You may view recent meeting summaries as well as read through our subdivision By-laws and Covenants.

The board members of Carriage Hills North Homeowners' Association are home owners just like you. They are genuine in their interest and focus to maintain a pleasant environment for those living in the community. The board members' and the association's sole purpose is to maintain and improve neighborhood integrity and value by enforcement of rules, regular maintenance and capital improvements when possible.

Important Notices

Soliciting & Vending

1. Click on the Washington Township link.

2. Go to the Public Records

3. Then Local Ordinances

4. Click on Part 23 – 23000 – SOLICITING AND VENDING

5. Read the Ordinance to be aware that the Solicitor or the Vendor must have a township license to solicit in our subdivision.

6. If you purchase a "No Soliciting” sign", by law Solicitors or Vendors cannot come to your front door and Solicit.


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